“To Train Up Your Child” by rev Errett Marshburn

July 16, 2017

“Doing More With Less” by Rev Errett Marshburn

July 9, 2017

Isaiah 54:1-2

Luke 5:37-39

I. Enlarge Your Dwelling Place

II. Stretch Your Curtains

III. Lengthen Your Cords

IV. Strengthen Your Stakes

“Our Freedom” by Rev Tommy Colie

July 2, 2017

Our Freedom 

John 3:36

1. Price of Freedom

2. Abuse of Freedom

3. Purpose of Freedom

“The Trial Of Your Faith” by Rev Errett Marshburn

July 2, 2017


Sunday Mornings
Morning Worship - 10:30am

Sunday Evenings
Evening Worship - 6:00pm
Girls Mpact Ministry (ages 3-18) - 6:00pm
Royal Rangers (boys ages 5-18) - 6:00pm

Family Night Classes:
Kids 5 -10 - 7:00pm
Kids 11-12 - 7:00pm
Adult Bible Study with Pastor - 7:00pm
Teens (ages 13 & up) with Rev. Tommy Colie - 7:00pm

Joy Women's Ministry                                                                                                             Third Saturday of the month at 10:a.m.
Men's Fellowship:
1st Saturday of the month - 9:00am